1 year ago

Watching this iconic piece of architecture “go up” is so satisfying. Blending our CGI’s with a photo midway during the construction works, you can see how the facade will unveil from the ... See more

1 year ago

Someone once asked me why own apartments? 🏙

Doesn’t land appreciate more......
Why not own a house and land.....

The answer is simple. CASHFLOW baby! ... See more

1 year ago

Bula from Fiji.

I’ve been thinking about business and investing in general, in between taking time to swim with the kids and teaching my eldest boy how to scuba dive.

Warren Buffett once said, ... See more

1 year ago

Congratulations to our partner property management team who operate so many of our buildings. Amazing job!

1 year ago
Photos from Du Val Group's post

I’ve often been asked what it is like to work with my wife Charlotte.....

For me it’s an absolute privilege to be building homes and our dreams together.

I was reminded tonight that one draft ... See more

1 year ago

How many businesses have a defined “sales system”? We are aligning our sales and marketing platform to bring 899 homes to the market in the next 24 months.

When you have over ... See more

1 year ago

21 years ago after having been told that I was a “failure” by my employers, lecturers, teachers and peers, I got a job selling houses. I sold 10 Makomako Street a week later and finished my ... See more

1 year ago

Dreaming and planning on a dreary drive home. Looking up for inspiration.....

A new $1b+ project for 2020!

1,000 apartments, 300 hotel rooms, the most amazing retail precinct you can imagine all ... See more

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