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Kenyon Clarke is an experienced entrepreneur and company director with a 21-year background in property sales, investment and development, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and, private equity.

He is married to Charlotte and they have four children together, Kane (6), Zara (5), Daxton (18 months) and Petra (brand new).

Between 2001 and 2008 Kenyon completed in excess of $200m of direct property transactions as principle within the serviced apartment/hospitality, residential and commercial sectors. He also completed a number of leveraged buyouts of contracting businesses in Wellington, Auckland and Hamilton.


In 2008 Kenyon lost everything he had built during the devastation of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and Finance Company collapse, when his bankers the Halifax Bank of Scotland became insolvent. Through that experience, Kenyon learned the importance of “sticking to his knitting” and the value of retaining “bricks & mortar” investments.

Following the GFC, Kenyon started again, focusing on establishing quality investments with third parties, predominantly working with high net worth individuals and institutional investors prior to co-founding the Du Val Group with his father Peter. Notable achievements during this period include securing £98m of equity investment for a central London tower project and establishing a number of New Zealand domiciled separate account mandates to acquire quality residential led, mixed use property in key metropolitan centers.

Today as the Chief Executive of Du Val, Kenyon is responsible for the strategic direction and performance of the business.

Alongside property development and investment, Du Val is committed to providing property focussed financial advice and education through the company’s financial services division Du Val Wealth. Du Val Wealth has been established to assist families develop a compelling financial future and plan for retirement.
The Du Val Group is Auckland’s largest suburban apartment developer and 3rd most active across the city – CBRE August 2017 with a GDV $400m pipeline of projects including the development of the flagship Lakewood Plaza mixed-use apartment tower. www.lakewood.co.nz

Kenyon is a member of a number of Advisory Boards to private industry within the property sector and is often asked to speak on “property related topics”, “transformational leadership” and about “starting again”. He is passionate about the affordability of housing in Auckland, urban regeneration, and sustainable design and is an opponent of urban sprawl and the destruction of New Zealand’s productive farmland and wild places.


Through the Du Val (charitable) Foundation, the Clarke family supports a number of causes focussed on the wellbeing of children and assists those living with mental illness and their affects. Each year Kenyon also mentors a small number of young entrepreneurs establishing themselves in business.
In his spare time, Kenyon enjoys racing cars, skiing (poorly), shooting, amateur boxing and Kenpo Karate 5.0.

Ludo Campbell-Reid: Hosking is wrong, people want apartments without parks

We salute @Ockham for championing car free or car “lite” urban regeneration projects. While this isn’t a feature of our larger projects, we have built hundreds of apartments with parking for only a third of residents as occupiers in 2018 are utilising public transport in a way that would have been hard to imagine even 10 years ago.

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For us development has to first consider our customer and what they need to live comfortably in a new building. We will continue to adapt as our customers needs change and if that means less parking and more ride sharing options, we will embrace it. Creating a sustainable and beautiful city is forefront in our mind.
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